About Us

With over 15 years of experience in Corporate America in the areas of Software Development. Technical Training, Project Management and Marketing, our CEO, Shaneeka R. Abram, has a passion for helping others succeed. She founded this company with one goal in mind “Minding your business to help you reach your goals”

She is a devoted mother who enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and rooting for her children in their various sports activities.

We cater to the small business owner, mid-size corporations and non profits organization from consulting, full management, social media marketing and web design so to save time, money and give the ease of knowing that the business/organization is in good hands. What exactly do we do? We simplify life for you by doing the following:

  • Create a brand strategy that will bring your vision and goals to life for your business with emotional intelligence and humanize your brand.
  • Create a website that will expand your business beyond your local area equipped with Search Engine Optimization
  • Get your business SEEN & HEARD with social media marketing
  • Ensure your business is formed correctly with all federal state and local agencies
  • Assist with making sure your business is able to receive funding

Our Approach

First step:

Consultation form is sent out to determine your needs

Second step:

Consultation is booked (virtual or in person) and together a plan is created to cater to your needs

Third step:

Review of services received.

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