About Us

We cater to the small business owner and individual career professional. What exactly do we do? We simplify life for you by doing the following:

  • Take those tasks off your TO DO list that have been sitting there for months
  • Contact the vendor that has not sent the inventory you paid for months ago and do not have the time to play phone tag with
  • Create a website that will expand your business beyond your local area
  • Get your business SEEN & HEARD with Social Media Marketing
  • Have your business run smoothly by developing Employee Handbooks and Standard Operating Procedures

With over 15 years of experience in Corporate America in the areas of Software Development. Technical Training, Project Management and Marketing, our CEO, Shaneeka R. Abram, has a passion for helping others succeed. She founded this company with one goal in mind “Minding your business to help you reach your goals”

She is a devoted mother who enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and rooting for her children in their various sports activities.

Our Approach

First step:

Consultation form is sent out to determine your needs

Second step:

Consultation is booked (virtual or in person) and together a plan is created to cater to your needs

Third step:

Review of services received.

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